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Secure Tablet and Ipad Stand

The iPad is very coveted, and it is also very vulnerable to theft. Thefts are very frequent and often the work of staff. Managers estimate that a majority of thefts would be prevented if equipment was secured by a secure tablet and ipad stand theft-deterrent system.

Therefore, the first component you buy should be a secure tablet and Jacloc secure ipad stand with a lock included in a hard and a clear plastic shell that you can leave on as a tool for daily protection of your iPad. A secure tablet and ipad stand with a strong steel cable will also discourage any thiefs. There are several types of secure tablet and ipad stand anti-theft devices.


Secure your iPad with a secure tablet and ipad stand in an office, on a trip or at a trade show. Another use is, thanks to iPad’s universal support in the form of aluminum easel, to use the secure tablet and ipad stand in schools, or universities. Once the secure tablet and ipad stand lock is locked on the hull, it is impossible to open the assembly without damaging the iPad. The anti-theft cable also has an ultra slim version.

Without knowing it, you store important data on your iPad: your e-mail accounts, access to social networks and possibly even access to your bank accounts. A theft-deterrent system should be a reinforced and compact structure. An integrated security anchor and the security slot also allows you to choose a lock option. Buy a lock for a one-click security structure to prevent the theft of your iPad. An integrated 2-position support is also ideal for writing and display.

An easy-to-install protective cover will protect against scratches and other damage. An ergonomic, comfortable and secure grip will enable full access to all iPad controls and a 30-pin connector. Since the arrival of the iPad on the market, the tablet has been enormously coveted by people for its small size and its maneuverability.

You can also secure the safety cable and loop the other end of the cable around a fixed object (such as a table leg). Indeed, the use of a secure cable is the most effective way to discourage theft. Weighing less than a lb, the cable is usually extremely smooth and its lock head should provide the smallest diameter of the computer locks on the market.

Tens of millions of computers are stolen every year. And, since the iPad has no security slot, the hull should provide an embedded one. The iPad is a noteworthy computer from a design point of view and for its ease of navigation.

It is very easy to bring it everywhere and to slip an iPad in a backpack. Statistics say that computer theft affects 9 out of 10 companies. Therefore, how do you secure your iPad against theft: during a trade show, an event or simply on a daily basis?

A stand or wall mount for an iPad may provide anti-theft protection. Therefore, support your iPad with a built-in stand. Of all the iPad accessories, it’s probably the one that will serve you the most if you have to use it in public places like a school, an office or a library.

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